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Honkai Star Rail's New Banner "Boothill", Cowboys Who Use Indonesian Slang

Honkai Star Rail's New Banner "Boothill", Cowboys Who Use Indonesian Slang

Indonesia is one of the countries in Asia that is actually very potential to be targeted by game developers and publishers. Unfortunately, not many game companies are interested in establishing a close relationship with Indonesia. But unlike others, there is one company that sees the huge potential of the gaming market in Indonesia, namely miHoYo or HoYoVerse.

MiHoYo pays close attention to its Indonesian users by organizing offline events, cosplay, and selling their official merchandise. But there is something more striking than all of that, namely the Indonesian translation in their games, especially Honkai: Star Rail.

Unlike other games that have formal translations, have the impression of imposing, not connecting, translating idioms raw, even like only capitalizing on Google Translate, Honkai: Star Rail has above-average translation quality. Not just because of its high accuracy, Honkai: Star Rail are also very relevant to the slang that exists in Indonesia today. They do not hesitate to use strange diction and vocabulary and swear typical of local memes of today's youth in Indonesia. This can be clearly seen in Honkai's new banner: Star Rail - BootHill.

BootHill is a young man dressed as a cowboy with an eccentric style and a penchant for swearing. The translation team seems to be observant of the Indonesian market and took this as a golden opportunity to use slang that is relevant to Boothill's eccentric character.

This kind of translation is clearly favored by consumers who are mostly born as millennials to generation Z. This kind of translation looks fresh, relevant, not stiff and also not too standardized. As a result, users often laugh, are amazed, and also proud because they feel that Indonesian is the concern of the Triple A game company.

BootHill dengan Translasi Indonesia di Kanal Youtube Honkai: Star Rail

Although the translation on the Honkai: Star Rail is still not necessarily official in the game, but still many fans respect the technique of the miHoYo / HoYoVerse team in presenting interesting trailers like this.

Honkai: Star Rail is a Triple A game that requires quite high SmartPhone specifications to run. So if you're curious about this game but feel like your SmartPhone has potato specs, check out our store at Felixindoshops for an upgrade~!


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