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Apple Launches 'Password' App, Never Fear Forgetting Your Password Again

Apple Launches 'Password' App, Never Fear Forgetting Your Password Again

Who here likes to forget passwords? Well recently Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing a new application to help users manage their login data. This application is named 'Passwords'. Apple said that they plan to announce the Passwords application this week at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event.

The Verge also said that until now Apple has only provided facilities to manage user login data in iCloud for iPad, Vision Pro, and especially iPhone users. Now with Password we can manage login information such as emails and passwords much more regularly. In this application later we can group data according to categories. Hopefully, the Password application feature can also be used on Android devices, but unfortunately Apple has not confirmed this.

Password will most likely be announced at the same time as the latest OS from Apple, namely macOS 15, iOS 18, and iPadOS18. Actually, password manager apps like this are already out there like 1Password and LastPass. It looks like Apple needs to provide some additional features such as increasing the security of the Password app with authentication protection like Google Authenticator's or OTP codes that must be sent to SMS.

What do you think about this latest application from Apple? For those of you who want to try this application but are still using Android, don't forget to check Felixindoshops. We also sell products from Apple!



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