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Genshin Impact Released a Touching Short Movie, The Story of Aether and Lumine Continues

Genshin Impact Released a Touching Short Movie, The Story of Aether and Lumine Continues

MiHoYo or also known as HoYoVerse continues to spoil their fans. Recently in update 4.7 miHoYo's flagship game, Genshin Impact, released a fairly short movie that is very extraordinary in terms of animation, graphics, plots that touch the hearts of fans, complemented by the voice of the famous Japanese singer, Aimer.

This hack and slash RPG genre game is indeed very famous for its complex but well-written story. Since its release during the Covid 2020 pandemic, Genshin Impact has accompanied many gamers around the world during quarantine. HoYoVerse is very consistent in making Genshin Impact relevant to the times because they listen to the requests of fans in the community.

In the latest update 4.7 miHoyo will be making some improvements and enhancements. HoYoVerse also released a short animated movie titled “The Road Not Taken” and added resources and rewards, especially in the form of Primogems.

This is not the first time miHoYo has released a short film, but this animation is quite special because it focuses on the main characters, Lumine and Aether. They are twin sisters who were separated due to a battle against an entity whose identity is not yet clear. After being separated, Lumine or Aether (depending on who you choose at the beginning of the game) will begin their journey with Paimon, while the other character is being directed by Dain.

With the Genshin Impact 4.7 update and a short movie from miHoyo, many fans are increasingly curious about the continuation of the story of these two twin brothers. Reportedly the Genshin Impact update version 4.7 will be released on June 5, 2024.


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