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Take Precaution When Using the Galaxy Z Flip Device

Take Precaution When Using the Galaxy Z Flip Device

Galaxy Z Flip is the first smartphone with an infinity flex display based on Ultra Thin Glass.
Since it is manufactured with foldable glass, it requires extra care and maintenance to perform at its best. 
If you follow the essential tips described below, you will be able to maintain the look and performance of your foldable device. 


Do not press the screen with hard or sharp objects.

It is not recommended to apply pressure to the main screen or press the screen or front camera lens with hard or sharp objects such as pens or nails.

Please note that excessive force or pressure from tools used on the main screen may cause abrasions or damage the protective layer on the Ultra Thin Glass. Tap the screen lightly to be safe.

Depending on the type of scuffing or damage, servicing may not be covered by the warranty and you may be charged extra for servicing.


Don't open a folded phone by slipping your finger between the screens


Opening the device by slipping a finger between the screens may cause the screens to scuff or crack.

It is recommended to open a folded phone by holding the side of the phone


Remove all foreign objects between the screens

When folding the device, do not place any objects such as credit cards, coins, or keys on top of the main screen. The screen may be damaged.

Fold the device before storing it in a bag or placing it anywhere. Make sure not to store the device open as there is a possibility of scuffing or cracking the screen by other objects.


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