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Bank Account Breaches are Rampant, XL Axiata Urges Cellphone Numbers Not To Be Forfeited

Bank Account Breaches are Rampant, XL Axiata Urges Cellphone Numbers Not To Be Forfeited

Many users of mobile operator services use their phone numbers to register their banking accounts in order to conduct online banking transactions. But users must be vigilant in safeguarding their phone numbers to avoid becoming victims of bank account hacking.

XL Axiata warns all its users to be careful in keeping their cell phone numbers safe by keeping their numbers working. Bank account hacking can use a customer's cell phone number and keeping the phone number from expiring is useful to prevent such crimes.

M. Yunus as Group Head Customer Contact Center XL Axiata appealed “In an effort to ensure and protect the security of customers' personal banking data accounts, we from XL Axiata urge all customers to help maintain the security of the cellphone numbers registered in their banking accounts. This is to avoid the act of breaking into banking accounts by utilizing customer cellphone numbers, including numbers that have been forfeited.”

In addition, Yunus said that cell phone numbers that have not been used for a long time or have been considered forfeited are one of the methods for hackers to enter customers' bank accounts. Therefore, M. Yunus strongly warned XL Axiata users to immediately take care of closing numbers that are no longer used to the relevant banks and cellular operators.

“Customers should not underestimate the number that they no longer use and consider it unnecessary to inform the operator and the bank or online payment connected,” said M. Yunus firmly.

To avoid having your bank account hacked through a cell phone number, here are some ways we can avoid it:
- If you have a cell phone number that is no longer in use, immediately contact or visit the nearest bank and make sure the mobile banking service has been deleted.
- If you visit public places such as malls or cafes, never connect to foreign wifi, let alone access your banking account using that wifi. Many hackers look for prey in such public places.
- Make sure to make passwords and PINs difficult to guess. Avoid using your date of birth because if your ID card falls this will make it easier for hackers to break into your account.
- Always keep your username, PIN, and password secret. Don't tell anyone.
- If suddenly there is an OTP code that enters your cellphone even though you did not make a transaction, immediately contact the relevant bank customer service.



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