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4 Android Features Copied by Apple in iOS 18

4 Android Features Copied by Apple in iOS 18

Apple just launched their latest Operating System (OS), iOS 18, a few weeks ago at the Worldwide Developers Conferences (WWDC) 2024. The iOS 18 operating system comes with several upgrades, bug fixes, and new unique features.

Although for hardline iPhone fans this is a new feature, but actually many "new" iOS 18 features are already available on Android. Of the several features, the most striking are the following four features: 

Home Screen and Lock Screen that can be customized as desired

For Android users, of course this is not something new, because Android has always allowed users to customize the Home Screen such as freely shifting application icons anywhere. But iOS users can only do it in iOS 18, because before this, their system will arrange the placement of icons automatically.


Recording Phone Calls

In 2021, Google launched a voice recording feature for their smartphone product, Google Pixel, and now Apple also provides a similar feature in iOS 18. Unlike Android, Apple also adds an automatic transcribing feature. But unfortunately for now Indonesian is not included in the supported languages. IOS only supports English, Japanese, Mandarin, French, German. IOS 18 will also provide notification if the conversation is being recorded for privacy issues.


Hiding apps

Android users such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oneplus, Asus, etc. are very familiar with this feature because this is a feature that has been available for a long time. The features also vary, some hide applications by putting them in a hidden folder and can only be accessed with a certain code or biometric protection. There are also those that provide the feature of locking applications without having to be hidden. And there are many more. IOS 18 offers app locking features that can be unlocked with authentication such as TouchID, FaceID, or pattern and password.


Gaming Mode

The mobile gaming market is growing at a rapid pace. On the streets, in the campus corridors, during office breaks, there must be people playing games. Seeing this iOS 18 does not want to be left behind in attracting the gaming market in the world. Apple only provides this feature now, while the gaming mode on Android has appeared since Android 12.

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