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Instagram Cares Bullying Victims, Strengthens Anti-bullying Features

Instagram Cares Bullying Victims, Strengthens Anti-bullying Features

Instagram has enhanced its safety features with the aim of protecting teens from bullying. According to a report from Engadget, Instagram has changed the restrictions and banning policies on its platform to provide additional protection to teens who are being bullied without incurring further risk of retaliation.

One of the key changes is the ability for Instagram users to limit interactions on their posts to close friends only. This means that only people who are on their close friends list will be able to view and interact with comments, direct messages, tags and mentions on the post. While other followers can still interact with the post, comments and messages from users who are not close friends will be hidden from the public.

Instagram has also updated the restriction feature to help teens who may face bullying from certain bullies. Users can now prevent people they block from tagging or mentioning them, and comments from blocked people will automatically be hidden from the public.

This update comes in the context of Meta, Instagram's parent company, facing increased scrutiny for teen safety and other issues. Meta has faced lawsuits from several states for allegedly failing to protect its youngest users from the risks associated with using its platform.



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