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Warner Bros Japan Adapts Suicide Squad Into Anime, Harley Quinn Becomes Waifu

Warner Bros Japan Adapts Suicide Squad Into Anime, Harley Quinn Becomes Waifu

The anime version of Suicide Squad was officially announced by Warner Bros in Japan, what will the story be? Heard from Wit Studio, this anime is adapted from Suicide Squad and will air in early July 2024 and will be streamed in Japan. From the trailer posted by Warner Bros, it looks really cool!

The story in this Suicide Squad Isekai anime is about Gotham city which as we know is full of tension because crime is everywhere. The head of A.R.G.U.S, Amanda Walker has gathered a group of elite class criminals whose names are well known to carry out a mission. What is their mission?

Harley Quinn and her partners King Shark, PeaceMaker, DeadShot, Clayface will be sent to a world called Isekai. The villains of the DC universe will be sent to Isekai through a gate where the Orcs and Dragons are waiting for them there.

Harley, who is arguably the main character of this series, will mess up when she arrives in Isekai but unfortunately Harley and her friends are ambushed by the Isekai royal army and thrown into prison. Harley and the others only have 3 days to escape or the bomb that has been placed around their necks will explode.

With time running out, they conducted fierce negotiations with Queen Aldora. The Queen also gave a condition, which was to conquer the royal army at war. Harley and the others have no choice but to agree to the Queen's terms and go to war.

With their lives on the line, can Harley and her Squad conquer the world of Isekai? For those who are curious about the full story and want to watch it on a screen with a high frame rate, don't forget to check Felixindoshops. We have many gadgets that are suitable for binge watching anime!


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