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Viral Appearance of Elaelo Website After Kemenkominfo Threatens to Block X

Viral Appearance of Elaelo Website After Kemenkominfo Threatens to Block X

The Ministry of Communication and Information seems to be aggressively patrolling, especially on several social media platforms. This is done in order to create a healthy online environment that is free from unlawful content such as online gambling and pornography.

After giving a stern warning to the Telegram application to cooperate in eradicating online gambling that is rampant in the application, Budi Arie Setiadi as the Minister of Communication and Information Technology also nudged Elon Musk about the rampant pornographic content on Elon Musk's social media, which is now called X (previously called Twitter).

This was done after X launched a policy on permission to upload pornographic content. X believes that sexual expression whether in visual or written form is a form of artistic expression. Users are allowed to upload adult content as long as it is labeled "porn" with the aim of filtering the age of underage users so that they cannot access adult content, either appearing in their feed or searching manually.


We have launched Adult Content and Violent Content policies to bring more clarity of our Rules and transparency into enforcement of these areas. These policies replace our former Sensitive Media and Violent Speech policies - but what we enforce against hasn’t changed.


— Safety (@Safety) June 3, 2024


Of course, this policy has received many reactions from netizens. Not a few netizens opposed and criticized this new policy, but there were also some people who agreed.  

The Ministry of Communication and Information also urged Indonesians to immediately look for other social media alternatives and move away from X or maybe try to create a social media platform similar to X.

From this discourse, netizens were suddenly shocked by the emergence of a website called Elaelo, which claims to be a replacement for X by Kominfo. But there are many odd things about this website, starting from a website that looks unprofessional and, domain tenants who do not know who, the site cannot be accessed and there is a writing "under repair by Kominfo", and many other irregularities.

From these irregularities, it is better for us to be more careful in providing information in cyberspace and not register just because it is viral.


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